The rain is so thick on the ground it’s hard to walk. Sophia is forced into a cave. She tears off her shift to leave it drying and huddles into the wall, holding her knees into her wet body. As night comes on it gets so dark she cant see anything but hears the rain, pounding and pounding on the grass and on the cliff and on the ground above and hears the wind in the trees. It had all been leading up to this journey and every moment she was kept away from it felt like a century. She falls asleep when it gets so dark she cant see.

She wakes up with hands on her body. Red hands with black fingernails. They feel hot on her shivering hips.

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” he says, grinning through his fangs.

Everything smells like sulfur. It’s black all around but his body is illuminated by a brilliant sunlight. Black tresses fall down over gentle shoulders. He’s naked, and she can’t take her eyes off his boyish body. She realizes she’s hard, wet, shivering and shivering. She realizes she’s naked. She tries to speak but she can only stammer through chattering teeth.

He’s trying to hold back laughter. “You’re shivering,” he says, running his hands up her sides. “You need a ‘boy’ to warm you up, right?”

She looks at his hands as they move up to her little breasts. She thinks about him grabbing them, but his hands move down over her tummy and back onto her hips. She can feel him down there, meandering, tracing circles, making his way to her dick. She knows she should tell him to stop. She bites her lip.

“Good girl,” he says. Her dick starts bouncing and dripping with anticipation. He runs his index finger along her shaft and it hits her like a lightning bolt. She gasps like she’s coming up for air. Her hips buck up against him. He laughs, covering his mouth. “Jeeze! Whats going on with you?” he says, but then he cocks his head.

He touches his finger to her dick again and she bucks up again. She lets out a moan and tries to choke it. “Are you one of those awfully virtuous Priestesses,” he says, “making her way to Eleora’s shrine?”

“Yes,” she manages to say, biting down as her body tenses. He giggles.

He runs his finger over the head of her dick, wetting his finger on her precum. “To offer your Seed to the Goddess?”

All she can think about is his black lipstick on her body. “Yes.”

He grabs her dick and starts jerking her off. Her heart’s racing. She feels like electric is shooting up her spine with every pump. She can’t keep herself from cursing. She throws her head back and it hits the rock wall hard and she doesn’t even feel it. She just hears him laughing; he’s laughing so much he can’t keep his composure.

“Poor thing! How long have they kept you chaste? Twenty years? Twenty five?”

“Tw-... twenty-eight,” she says.

“Twenty eight! What a beautiful Seed you must have.”

Suddenly it hits her. She can feel it inside her. Like its begging her to let it out. Like it did so many nights in the cloister. But so much more, so much more intense. Deeper, hotter. It feels like its straining against her body. Like its pulling on her viscera. Like he’s pumping it up, like he’s sucking it out of her body.

“My… Seed…”

“You just noticed, huh?”

“Whats… happening?”

He giggles. “Do you feel it?”


“I think you’re about to give it to me, instead.”


“Are you sure about that?”

More shudders run down her spine. She’s pushing her hips up into the air. She’s digging her fingers in the dirt, grabbing, holding on. She’s pushing her hands hard into the dirt. “What are you doing!”

“I’m making you cum, stupid.”


He doesn’t stop pumping her dick. “Hmm?”

“Please… don’t make me cum…”

“Come on,” he says. “Aren’t you really devoted to your Goddess? Are you just going to give your Seed to some little demon?”

“Please don’t make me cum!”

“Show her how devoted you are.”

“Please don’t make me cum! Please don’t make me cum!” she looks into his red eyes.

“You have to show her how devoted you are!”

“Please… please…”

She’s fighting so hard. One hand slips from under her and her fist seizes up. The dirt slips through her fingers. She can’t fight it. She’s clenching her teeth. Grinding her teeth. She can feel it. “I’m… I…”

“Oh, not like this!” he says mockingly. “Not like this!”


“Do you feel it all slipping away?”

She cums. It shoots out of her like a cannon. He can barely keep his hand on it. She feels like she’s going to lose consciousness. Her body gives and she falls back hard against the cold ground. Her eyes roll into her head. Her stomach folds up as her hips convulse, once, twice, three times… He’s cupping his hand over her dick as its jerking and spitting out and he can’t even hold it all, it’s dripping through his fingers and onto her stomach, it’s getting everywhere.

She stops convulsing and he lets her dick drop against her tummy. It’s still oozing cum. He looks down into the goop in his hands with a shit-eating smile on his face.

“Thank you for your Seed, blessed Priestess,” he says, and he disappears in the dark. Sophia lies flat on the ground, her chest rising and falling to her soft, shallow breaths. A cold wind blows into the cave with the blue light of the morning sun.